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Hawaiian-looking flower Obi

LOL! I don't know what else to call this one, but since I love obi and I love Hawai'ian flowers, I couldn't help but make this my second obi in the collection. . 

First Obi...

I love Obi. LOVE the way they contrast yet accentuate kimono (and one of these days, I will FINALLY be able to tie a Taiko bow by myself. . )
This was the FIRST obi I ever purchased, and I can't help but look back and marvel at how simple it is when compared to the others that I purchased afterward. Please enjoy.

Takarabune and Porgy Susohiki

When I purchased this, I was informed that the quality and magnificent details and embroidery were indicative of a Geisha's susohiki. What do you think? Regardless, I loved it so much - It had to be mine. .

Close-up of the details and embroidery. (Fish eye and scales.)

Treasure details:

Close up of sail:

Close up of interior lining:

"Beach with Shells" Susohiki

A Susohiki literally translates as: Trail the skirt. These kimono are much longer than regular kimono and the hem is meant to trail elegantly behind the wearer. (Not when I wear them. . . .but that's what's supposed to happen!) Haahaa!

This was my first and I fell in love with it because, as the title of the post indicates: It reminded me of a beach with seashells. .

(The red padding gives a bit of weight to the hem so that it can trail easier. . .)

Takarabune Kurotomesode

Kurotomesode are the most formal kimono for married women and their formality (as with ALL kimono) is determined by the number of Mon (family crests) - Most formal: 5; followed by: 3, then least formal: 1

Odori Homongi

An E-bay Purchase! I saw this kimono and fell in Love. Waves and Seagulls and Turquoise. I couldn't resist! Just as a point of interest, this is the only synthetic fabric kimono I have in the collection. I think it's polyester or rayon. . That's what it feels like, anyway. . It's one of the more modern ones, as well. .Most of the collection are vintage.

Bamboo and Tachibana Tsukesage

Again, two of my Favorite things: Turquoise and Bamboo!

Bamboo and Tachibana Tsukesage

Again, two of my Favorite things: Turquoise and Bamboo!